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The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is the trade association for the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, and is dedicated to the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies. Fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies deliver clean, reliable power to leading edge corporate, academic and public sector users, and FCHEA members are helping to transform our energy future. FCHEA represents the full global supply chain, including universities, government laboratories and agencies, trade associations, fuel cell materials, components and systems manufacturers, hydrogen producers and fuel distributors, utilities and other end users.

Electrochemical Society Partners with DOE for Fuel Cell Vehicle Ride & Learn

H2 2017 Events & Activities

Electrochemical Society Partners with DOE for Fuel Cell Vehicle Ride & Learn

Justin Lewis

Want to see Electrochemistry in Action and drive one of the world’s first commercial fuel cell cars while at the 232nd ECS Meeting? Join us for a Ride-and Learn on Monday, October 2 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm in front of the main entrance of the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. This Ride-and-Learn is open to all ECS meeting attendees. First come, first serve.

Fuel cell cars run on hydrogen fuel, use a fuel cell that converts hydrogen into the electricity that powers the car’s electric motor and emit only water from the tailpipe. For the first time ever, they are commercially available, have started hitting the streets and the hydrogen stations to fuel them are up and running in select U.S. regions.


This Ride-and-Learn is organized by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Fuel Cell Technologies Office (FCTO) in the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy. FCTO has funded early-stage hydrogen and fuel cells research and development enabling a 60 percent reduction in fuel cell cost, a fourfold increase in fuel cell durability and an 80 percent cut in the cost of electrolyzers over the past decade. You can learn more about this exciting technology and the work FCTO funds to enable hydrogen and fuel cell technological breakthroughs at

In addition to seeing one of the world's first commercial hydrogen and fuel cell cars, come hear an update from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) on Monday, October 2 at 8 a.m. at the Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Plenary Session. Get more information about this ECS session.

Following the 232nd ECS Meeting, the third annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day will take place on October 8, 2017, aimed at raising awareness and celebrating advances in fuel cell and hydrogen technologies. The U.S. Department of Energy, Fuel Cell and Hydrogen and Energy Association, its members, industry organizations, and state and federal governments will be commemorating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell day with a variety of activities and events across the country.

Ways to participate:

  • Social media posts about or photos of your project (include the hashtags #FuelCellsNow and #HydrogenNow)
  • Media announcements and press releases about project milestones
  • Outreach to stakeholders about how your project will affect them
  • Announcements or briefings on project progress and impact
  • Tours of facilities or other events

For more information on this year’s activities, visit For a summary of last year’s activities, visit We hope you’ll join us in spreading the word and celebrating the growth and accomplishments in the industry.