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The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is the trade association for the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, and is dedicated to the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies. Fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies deliver clean, reliable power to leading edge corporate, academic and public sector users, and FCHEA members are helping to transform our energy future. FCHEA represents the full global supply chain, including universities, government laboratories and agencies, trade associations, fuel cell materials, components and systems manufacturers, hydrogen producers and fuel distributors, utilities and other end users.

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition  Celebrates National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

H2 Day 2019 Events & Activities

The Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition Celebrates National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day

Connor Dolan

(Elyria, OH) – October 8, 2019 – Today, the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition joins the nation in celebrating the fifth annual National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day, to raise awareness of the benefits fuel cells and hydrogen technologies provide in generating reliable and resilient power, while increasing America’s energy, environmental, and economic security.

National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day is observed on October 8 (10.08), in recognition of the atomic weight of hydrogen - 1.008. Efficient, clean, and quiet, fuel cells generate electricity through a chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, without combustion.

“As the nation's oldest non-profit fuel cell support organization, the Ohio Fuel Cell Coalition is proud to join with other fuel cell and hydrogen leaders celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day,” said Pat Valente, Executive Director. “Today’s fuel and hydrogen technologies are driving clean energy innovation across America’s highways, as well as in factories, warehouses, businesses, universities, and public institutions by providing resilient, sustainable, and safe power.”

The hydrogen and fuel cell industries continue to gain momentum and the numbers are impressive:

Worldwide there are:

·     300,000 stationary fuel cells are in service offering resilient power

·     12,000 fuel cell cars on the road from several leading automakers

·     Interest in trucks and heavy-duty vehicles are on the rise

·     The world's first hydrogen trains and aircraft have been rolled out

·     Several global efforts have been made in the maritime sector

In the U.S.

·     over 28,000 hydrogen fuel cell forklifts are helping move merchandise at warehouses

·     over 20 million hydrogen refuelings have taken place to support their operation just in the last few years

Hydrogen and Fuel Cells will play a critical role in our nation's energy future, as well as advance our economy and contribute to our environmental goals.

Join OFCC as they celebrate this day and the progress to come!

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