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Hydrogen Benefits

What is Hydrogen Energy?
Hydrogen is a common element that can be used as an energy source for fuel cells.  Hydrogen is an ideal fuel source: when used, the only by-products are water, heat, and electricity.  In addition, hydrogen provides a number of other benefits.
Hydrogen is the most abundant element found in the universe and can be made from a wide variety of feedstocks including water, biomass, coal, natural gas, even in conjunction with wind, solar, and nuclear energy.
Energy Security
Hydrogen benefits energy security through energy diversification, as it can be produced from a variety of primary energy sources, including renewables. Hydrogen used to provide transportation fuel and off-grid power reduces our dependence on foreign oil.
Clean and Green
Hydrogen benefits the environment because it replaces older, dirtier fuels, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving air quality.
Economic Growth
Hydrogen can contribute to economic growth through job development, investment opportunities, and the creation of a sustainable, secure energy supply.


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