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The Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Energy Association (FCHEA) is the trade association for the fuel cell and hydrogen energy industry, and is dedicated to the commercialization of fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies. Fuel cells and hydrogen energy technologies deliver clean, reliable power to leading edge corporate, academic and public sector users, and FCHEA members are helping to transform our energy future. FCHEA represents the full global supply chain, including universities, government laboratories and agencies, trade associations, fuel cell materials, components and systems manufacturers, hydrogen producers and fuel distributors, utilities and other end users.

National Hydrogen Day Activities and Events 2016

Plug Power Launches Five Day Blog Series

Connor Dolan

Plug Power is celebrating National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day all week – don't miss their blog series about how Plug Power and its industry partners are changing the way the world moves.  

A clipping of Plug's first blog post is available below.


By Tim Cortes, VP Hydrogen Energy Systems

For Plug Power to become the undeniable fuel cell technology leader, it’s taken significant dedication and innovation from all areas of the company.  That effort has turned GenDrive fuel cells into a superior alternative to lead-acid batteries in forklift trucks and other industrial vehicles.

Check out the full blog post here


By Darin Painter, Executive Director of Sales, Stationary Power

Last month, while at ISE EXPO in San Antonio, TX, I spoke to telecommunications professionals about some important advancements in fuel cells that can help evolve the way they address power within their networks.  Here are some highlights from that presentation.

Check out the full blog post here



By Gary Flood, VP International Sales

Stone Edge Farm wanted to see how far they could reduce the carbon footprint of their 16-acre organic winery and farm, located in Sonoma, Calif. Their initial goal was a 50 percent reduction, which they reached in the first year.  Now, the winery is trying to see how far below a zero carbon footprint they can go.

Stone Edge operates its own state-of-the-art micro-grid consisting of a number of clean technologies working in conjunction to provide sustainable energy for facility operations.  One component of the micro-grid is a hive of Plug Power GenSure fuel cells, which produce 26kW to power Stone Edge’s “critical grid”. This critical grid powers their servers, fiber, Ethernet, gates, alarms and security lighting.  Hydrogen for the GenSure fuel cells, and for multiple fuel cell vehicles operated by Stone Edge, is provided by an electrolyzer, which is powered by a solar array.

The micro-grid project, developed by Wooster Engineering Specialties, a general engineering contractor specializing in alternative energy, combines a number of off-grid energy solutions with peak shaving and load shifting services to Stone Edge Farm for energy self-sufficiency and carbon footprint reduction. The grid-tied micro-grid is capable of islanding and operating continuously and autonomously, and is also generating extra energy so that Stone Edge Farm is able to sell a substantial amount of this energy back to local utility, PG&E.

“The Stone Edge Farm MicroGrid Project is governed by what we call the Prime Directive:  Any technology we deploy, and any system we install, must reduce the carbon footprint at Stone Edge Farm,” said Craig Wooster, Micro-grid Project Manager at Stone Edge Farm.  “Our Plug Power hydrogen fuel cell hive provides clean, highly reliable electricity that we use to power our critical grid.  Our goal with this project is to demonstrate the variety of clean energy solutions that can be used to provide power to a campus or even an area of a city.  The fuel cells are an important component of that mission.”

Photo: Stone Edge Farm

Projects like the Stone Edge micro-grid are exactly the kind of innovation Plug Power envisions for a future when hydrogen and fuel cells will be abundant globally.  Today’s fuel cell users are professionals in industries including food manufacturing and distribution, retail distribution and automotive manufacturing, telecommunications, utilities and railroads.  These industry professionals independently complete a hydrogen refueling every 9 seconds – that’s more than 3 million refuelings completed over the last two years just with our GenFuel hydrogen offering.

“Enabling hydrogen energy adoption into the future means harnessing our strengths and embracing the opportunities to continually develop cost-effective, repeatable, ubiquitous hydrogen solutions that we can deliver to more and more adjacent markets, including micro-grids,” said Andy Marsh, CEO at Plug Power.

A solution that is zero emission, zero carbon footprint and reliable enough to trust critical equipment to – that’s a clean energy microgrid – that’s Plug Power GenSure fuel cells. We continue to power possibilities, with Infinite Drive.  #InfiniteDrive

Plug Power touts its ability to assist customers in improving productivity, lowering operational costs and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But, it is not every day that a customer is given an award for their operational efficiencies vis-à-vis Plug Power fuel cells (although it should be!).

FreezPak Logistics was awarded FOOD LOGISTICS’ 2016 TOP 3PL & COLD STORAGE PROVIDERS.  As noted by Food Logistics “The companies on this year’s Top 3PL & Cold Storage Providers list continue to improve their expertise and keep up with the latest temperature monitoring technologies, transportation management systems and warehouse management systems.“

FreezPak operates an “around-the-clock” cold storage distribution freezer warehouse in New Jersey. This property was built from the ground up, with operational enhancements and systems designed with a more productive and predictive workforce in mind. As it turns out, Plug Power’s full service GenKey offering fits perfectly with these initiatives.

Cold storage applications represent a sweet-spot for Plug Power’s GenDrive fuel cell units. Unlike lead-acid batteries, which display significant power degradation in cold temperatures, GenDrive fuel cells operate at maximum performance all shift long in environments as low as -22 degrees F.

The Saoud brothers, co-owners of FreezPak commented “FreezPak sees the use of Plug Power’s hydrogen fuel cells as a way to bring green technology to our new facility, and a means to improve our operations and better serve customers,” said David Saoud.

Michael Saoud continued, “FreezPak is committed to investing in and adopting sustainable solutions that will allow us to enhance our operations and successfully compete with other cold storage service providers.”

Since commencement with its GenDrive-powered fleet in 2015, FreezPak has seen battery changes eliminated and its operators refueling the units themselves in just minutes at strategically placed, onsite GenFuel hydrogen dispensers.

Today, FreezPak is not only operating in the cold storage industry more competitively, securing their place on the Food Logistics list, but they are also contemplating expansion and growth initiatives.

On behalf of the Plug Power team, I’d like to congratulate FreezPak on its award, thank them for their business and trust in us, and for continued success and growth in the future.  #InfiniteDrive